LifeCoach is our weekly program for pregnant and parenting teens, ages 13-25. We have multiple moms groups meeting throughout Orange County. Dinner is provided and transportation is available.

Curriculum is designed to help teen moms with what they are facing today and prepare them for tomorrow. Every aspect of the program is specifically geared to this population, taking into account their needs, interests, and behavior patterns. Everything is orchestrated intentionally – from social events to education topics -and all program activities purposefully work together towards accomplishing our program mission and objectives.

We create relationships that span many years, allowing the best possible outcomes.

Our focus is on high school graduation, parenting, life skills, healthy relationships training, introduction to college and vocational training opportunities, goal setting, and job readiness.

Programs and services are provided free of charge and regardless of religion, race, or ethnicity, and there is no religious requirement for participants. Age is the only criteria, so moms can stay as long as they are less than 25.

Our Approach

The world may criticize her and discount her future. We write a new story.

From the moment a mom walks in the door of a Fristers, instead of judgment and lack of care, she receives acceptance and unconditional love.

She is given an opportunity to build friendships with other moms who are in a similar life stage, and with our group mentors, who model appropriate behavior, identify options in challenging circumstances, and offer mature guidance for their lives.

We share the truth about her intrinsic value and worth and show her that there is hope for her future and hope for the future of her child.

Love, relationships, learning and growth lead to hope and success.

Education is the key to overcoming poverty so we teach the necessity of a formal education in order to secure a job that will eliminate welfare dependence.  We provide classes, workshops and resources in the areas of parenting, life skills, healthy relationships, college and vocational training, and job readiness. We teach the hidden rules that are necessary to transition from poverty into the middle class.  We help moms to set and achieve goals that will move their lives forward and help them to become the best women and best moms they can be.

In studies conducted on people who suffered great emotional or physical abuse during childhood, yet succeeded in life, the most common reason they gave for transcending the difficulties was relationship…someone in their past who took an interest in their life or someone who cared enough to acknowledge them or offer them help in some way. Fristers is that “someone” who cares, who will make the difference between failure and success in the life of a teen mom.

Meet Elyse & Allison

I became pregnant when I was 14 and my daughter was born when I was 15. Although my parents were supportive, I still felt ashamed for making the decisions I had. I felt that by having my daughter so young I would never be able to achieve what I originally wanted.

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Our Impact

In our nine years of work we have been privileged to help over 900 young mothers improve their lives, and the lives of their families.

Analysis of data obtained from mothers enrolled in LifeCoach shows increases in employment, income, STD testing, educational enrollment, and overall wellbeing, coupled with a year over year decrease in welfare dependency. 84% of our mothers have a high school diploma or GED, compared to national average of 38%.

At Fristers, moms are learning and growing, finding hope for their future and hope for the future of their child.


For moms who reach the age of 25, have been with Fristers for three or more years, with an attendance record of 70% or higher, and a high school diploma or GED (or currently enrolled in school with a set graduation date), we invite them to graduate from Fristers! We want to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments and use their real life stories to inspire younger moms that they can do it, too. Graduation is in May.

Once moms graduate, they become alumni, entitled to the following benefits:

  • Lifetime access to Fristers information and community resources for them and their child
  • Invitation to annual Graduation ceremony
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Invitation to summer family events
  • Invitations to share their story as a teen mom at fundraisers and marketing events that promote Fristers

Meet Erin & Summer

As a pregnant teen, I was told a lot of things. ‘You won’t be able to finish school.  You’ll never be able to support yourself.  You’ve ruined your life. How could you let this happen? You’re not with the dad? No one wants a girl with baggage.  You’re damaged goods.’…

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