Our passion is to embrace, encourage, and empower the youngest and most vulnerable families in our community. Teen moms and teen dads face monumental challenges, typically with no support system. In addition, these young adults are often burdened with rejection, criticism, and shame from their communities. We exist to provide education, access to resources, role models and teen parenting support in Orange County. We exist to replace negative messages with ones of hope. Every family deserves a fighting chance.


LifeCoach is our weekly program for pregnant and parenting teens, ages 13-24. Curriculum is designed to help teen moms with what they are facing today and prepare them for tomorrow. Every aspect of the program is specifically geared to this population, taking into account their needs, interests, and behavior patterns. (Learn More)


In Kidsters, infants and toddlers are cared for in the nursery and children, ages 3-5 years, are engaged in our fun early childhood education curriculum. Both the nursery and the pre-school group focus on physical development and benchmarks, cognitive and language development, and social-emotional development. (Learn More)


Fristers believes in the significance of the family. Stronger families mean stronger communities with less poverty and less crime. To strengthen families, we offer services for teen dads, relationship workshops for teen parents who are married or in a relationship, and activities and events for the family as a unit. (Learn More)

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