Teen Dads

Approximately 180,000 teen boys become fathers every year in the US. Most are 18 or 19 when the baby is born, but some are younger than that.

As with many other societal problems, the boys who become teen fathers are more likely to have been raised in or near poverty by a single parent (usually a mom) and their parents probably had their first child as teens.

As a culture, we understand that teen moms need help to develop good parenting skills and improve the lives of their children. Why do we think teen dads don’t need the same help?

Fristers works with dads in a strategic, directed way through individual coaching and case management, group education workshops, community resource referrals, sports clinics and special events.

We help dads step up to the role that’s come upon them and be more engaged.

We help them to stay in school, find work, and connect with their child in a healthy and productive manner. We encourage the pursuit of college or vocational training opportunities that will allow dads to obtain a better paying job that can support their child. We help dads build healthier relationships and become a positive role model for their child.

Fristers serves teen dads ages 13-25. Childcare is provided during group events.