Our Programs

Fristers programs are designed to increase mental health, educational, and economic outcomes, and prevent domestic violence, child abuse and neglect.

Core programming includes:

  • LifeCoach for young moms
  • Just for Dads for young dads
  • Couples Group for young parent couples
  • Kidsters for children

No other program in Orange County provides this full suite of services for young mothers, fathers, couples and children, individually and collectively by helping them build healthy and stable lives and families.

Programming includes:

  • Empowerment support groups
  • Parenting and life skills classes
  • Help for high school graduation
  • Introduction to college and vocational training
  • Work readiness workshops
  • Healthy relationships training
  • Mentoring and case management
  • Community resources
  • Early childhood education curriculum for children
  • Developmental milestones assessments
  • Early intervention services for children

Young Moms

Young Dads

Young Parent Couples