Giving children a strong foundation for life

Children’s healthy physical, emotional, cognitive and social development, as well as school readiness, determines their future, yet children of teen parents are at risk of developmental delays and behavioral issues, and they are rarely enrolled in preschool. We work directly with children to ensure they are able to meet developmental milestones, acquire the necessary school readiness skills to succeed in school, and receive appropriate services for any emotional or behavioral issues. We set children on the path to success at an early age.

Kidsters objectives are to:

Provide and maintain a safe, supervised and nurturing environment

Promote healthy social, emotional, physical, and literacy growth

Promote value and self-worth

Provide ongoing assessment to detect abuse or neglect, development delays and behavioral issues for early intervention

Ensure kindergarten readiness with evaluations 2x/year

Provide a healthy meal each week

All children in Kidsters benefit from screenings twice per year to ensure they are reaching developmental milestones. Preschool age children are evaluated twice per year in the areas of key school readiness skills to ensure they are prepared for Kindergarten.