Instilling confidence and opportunity for young moms, changing generations to come

Becoming a parent at any age can be a life-altering experience. When a teenager becomes a parent, the new responsibilities can be overwhelming. LifeCoach provides young mothers, ages 13-25, with a supportive community, and the education, tools, and resources needed to improve their mental health and well-being, enhance their parenting skills, complete high school, prepare for employment, increase their self-reliance, and develop healthy relationships.

2019 Parent Surveys Reveal


feel they have a strong support network


better equipped to parent


have hope for their future


improved mental health


improved financial literacy skills


developed time management skills


learned of community resources that benefited their family


of program graduates earned a high school diploma or GED


increased their annual income or received a job promotion

LifeCoach objectives are to:

Promote healthy pregnancies and reduce postpartum depression

Increase number of moms continuing their education

Increase self-reliance and transition to independent living

Decrease number of unplanned births and STD's

Educate teen moms about healthy relationships

Share community resources

Improve mental health and well being

Provide parenting education

Teach goal setting

Introduce college and vocational training opportunities

Improve economic opportunities

Decrease welfare reliance

LifeCoach - Our Impact


With Fristers' support, young moms are graduating high school, enrolling in college and vocational training, getting their driver’s license, securing employment, learning how to be responsible, caring parents, and finding hope for their future.

Erin's Story

As a pregnant teen, I was told a lot of things. "You won't be able to finish school. You'll never be able to support yourself.  You've ruined your life. How could you let this happen? Are you not with the dad? No one wants a girl with baggage. You're damaged goods." Encouraging stuff, no?

I also faced a lot of very real statistics that made these things seem depressingly true:

  • Only half of the teen parents graduate high school (...well, got that one done already.)
  • Only two percent of teen parents get a degree by age 30. (...30? I won't finish college for the next 11 years?)
  • My kid will have double the rate of a prison sentence or become a teen parent themselves. (...guilt, guilt, guilt)

The list goes on...

Watch Clarissa's Story

Karina's Story

When I was in 11th grade I met a guy, who gave me the love and attention I was looking for. I became pregnant after a few months of dating. I was 16. I didn’t have my parents around much and I was lost and sad.

When I heard there was a place like Fristers at first I was nervous because I don’t really fit in at a lot of places, but I was happy at the same time that I was going to hang out with other moms that were going through the same thing that I was. My first visit at Fristers was in Santa Ana, seven years ago. I felt safe and I knew my son was safe and I felt good being there.