Just for Dads

Creating a better life for young dads and their family

Young fatherhood appears to be associated with negative consequences, both for the father and child, similar to those observed among young mothers.

Approximately 180,000 boys become fathers every year in the US; most are 18 or 19 when the baby is born, but some are younger than that.

Boys who become young fathers are more likely to have been raised in or near poverty by a single parent (usually a mom) and their parents probably had their first child as teen.

That’s why Fristers created programs specifically for young dads.

Program objectives are to:

Increase number of dads continuing their education

Promote college or vocational training

Support fathers to gain and maintain employment

Educate dads about healthy relationship skills

Teach how to connect and care for their children

Parent Surveys Reveal


Felt Better Equipped As A Father


Learned The Importance Of Being In The Life Of Their Child


Learned How To Present Themselves In An Interview


Learned Techniques To Manage Daily Stress


Felt Motivated To Improve Personal Health


Learned The Effects Of Violence On A Child’s Brain Development